Idamate ActiveStick Sun Protection

Stick on The Action!


Broad coverage against
UVA and UVB rays, even after prolonged exposure in high-reflective environments.


Waterproof formula with
sunscreens featuring low depletion characteristics upon contact with sea, snow, and other liquid elements.


Effective application
that leaves no greasy residue on hands, facilitating smooth handling of sports equipment.


Convenient stick packaging
measuring just 5cm, making transportation and application so easy.


Action & Confidence

The ActiveStick sunscreen range by Idamate is designed for people who live for the action. It brings together in one simple stick all the technical, functional, and practical features that will transform the strong and prolonged care you need into a simple, reliable, and natural process.

Focus on the action and feel confident that at the end of the day, you won't encounter unpleasant surprises from prolonged exposure to sunlight.

For adults
& children

Intense activity is already the nature of children as they discover the joy of play and socialization in the outdoor environment.

The children’s version of Idamate ActiveStick Sun Protection respects the needs and rhythms of children, offering high sun protection for many hours without burdening their sensitive skin.

Strong protection that withstands water and lasts for hours.


Gentle formula designed for the sensitive skin of children.


Active means

"The small packaging allows you to always have it with you, while its resistance to seawater is truly remarkable. You can apply sunscreen once in the morning and not have to reapply it all day."
"The protection from this thick cream lasts for hours, and one package can last almost the entire summer. Perfect for those who love water sports."

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