Instructions for use

This natural sunscreen stick is ideal for application on your face, especially nose, ears and lips. Use one finger and carefully press the stick up from below. Use the lid to slide the stick back when closing the packaging.

Apply a thick visible layer. It will last for many hours without reapplication for example when you go surfing ,skiing, glimbing , cycling etc. 

Easy to apply at all temperatures. Be careful at very high temperatures as the stick could become soft, especially inside cars in summer.**

*Orange stick contains ingerdients that may stain clothing -Avoid direct contact with fabrics.

*Blue stick can be used without any additional instructions since it leaves no residue on clothes.

**It is normal for the consistency of the sunscreen to become more watery when the product is exposed to high temperatures for an extended period and does not indicate a degradation of its properties. The original texture returns once the product is in a cooler environment. However, it is recommended that the product be placed in an upright position to avoid any potential leaks.